XJ-3800 Air Purifier


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TheĀ XJ-3800 filtration effectively cleans 650 square feet of particulates such as bacteria, mold, dust mites, and other allergens; ionization also removes ultra-fine particles that a filter cannot capture (as low as 0.01 microns), such as smoke, viruses, and chemical fumes. This Air Purifier uses comprehensive sensors to automatically monitor and control air quality in your home or office. Featuring seven air-cleaning methods, the Air Purifier removes airborne toxins, allergens, dust, and odors to produce a cleaner, healthier environment. The XJ-3800 features a long-lasting HEPA filter that has a proven 99.97% collection rate, and it has a built-in diagnostic sensor that alerts you when the filter needs replacing.

And thanks to the XJ-3800 Filter Indicators, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to clean or replace the filters. The indicators illuminate when it’s time to clean the metal dust collector plate or replace the HEPA filter or activated carbon filter.



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