Cold & Cough Relief – Inhaler


Vapor-Eze Inhaler. Vapor-Eze for your pocket!  The Vapor-Eze inhaler is popular for colds, coughs, congestion, asthma, and allergy relief.

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You know we have Vapor-Eze for the home… and we also have Vapor-Eze for the Car…. Now we have Vapor-Eze for your Pocket! The safe, natural way to temporarily refresh nasal passages and soothe stuffy noses with pleasant, invigorating aromatic action. The Vapor-Eze mentholated vapor inhaler can be used as often as needed. Safe for ages 6 and up. When you unscrew the top cover, there is a mentholated inhaler to take with you when you travel. When you unscrew the lower unit (below the colored band) you have a roll on Balm, to provide relief for insect bites and minor aches and pains.


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